Increase plastic waste value through classification & recycling strategies

Develop and implement classification and recycling strategies of different plastics waste types increases its value and opens new markets
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Maximise value to recycle more and better

  • Use recover plastic waste strategies is key to facilitating its transition to the circular economy.
  • Correct separation and classification are key to facilitating recyclers access to new applications/markets

Services we offer

  • Design of strategies that facilitate recycling and maximize its value. Classification and intrapolymeric separation, the importance of colour ect
  • Design of a collaborative network to increase the interest and value of small volume waste streams
  • Tailored recycling to suit end markets. Improvement of recycling properties

Target Customers

  • Waste Management Companies
  • Plastic Recyclers
  • EPRs Schemes
  • Responsible Authorities
  • Other potential stakeholders in the value chain