Increase plastic waste value through proper sorting out

Proper separation of different plastics waste types increases its value and facilitates its recycling
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Reasons for moving towards a circular economy

  • Resources are limited. Without resources it’s not possible to maintain the welfare state, the system would collapse.
  • Consumers prefer companies that are committed to move towards a circular economy
  • Investors prefer sustainable businesses. Without planet there is no business, therefore without sustainability there will be no investors

Services we offer

  • We help to enhance the value of the plastic products, containers and packaging used/received by our customers. A correct separation is key to valorize them and facilitate their transit towards a circular economy
  • We help our customers to think about the packaging they use to improve the transition to a circular economy, respecting its main function. Ecodesign

Target Customers

  • Brand Owners
  • In general, the manufacturing industry
  • Retailers
  • Agricultural industry
  • Building & Construction
  • Other potential stakeholders in the value chain
  • Responsible Authorities